Our Goal

Our Goal is very simple.  "Life" in general during this Pandemic Era hasn't been exactly exciting & fun, and now that we seem to be coming out of this Pandemic...

Our Objective is to have some fun in "Cultural" way. 


Our Studio

Our Los Angeles Studio has been our home for the past 9 years and it literally grew right along with us to be what it is today. 

Lots of memories & loves have been invested in our Studio, and perhaps that is why everyone feels at home upon entering our Studio. 


Community Art Class

Tuesdays 6pm ~ 8pm

We believe "Art" has a power to Heal & Love.  Perhaps, now is the time it is needed more than ever. 

For "Free" & "Everyone" to Join! 


"Game of Catan" Class

Wednesdays 6~8pm

"Catan" is an easy game to learn, fun game to play, and a great way to make friends. 

If you would like to learn the game play & rules, we are holding a class on Wednesdays. 


Private Event

A special occasion requires a special location.. and we would like to make your event memorable. 

Call, Email, Visit are all welcomed! 


Rules & Policies

We like our Fun in a "Safe & Responsible" Manner.  Therefore, we have a certain set of rules for everyone to support.


Thanks for submitting!